Benefits of YBRAG Membership

All members will have access to many benefits here is a list of just a few:-

  • Advice and guidance from one of our personnel who has expertise and over 40 years of experience in dealing with all aspects of Crime.
  • Anti-Terrorism: Lockdown Procedures – Partial, Progressive or Full: Crisis and Risk Management Planning: Tackling Anti- Social Behaviour: Environmental Crime reduction.
  • YBRAG can help you in gathering evidence and compiling prosecution files for civil recovery of losses through Theft, Fraud and collusion
  • We have worked extensively and assisted PLC’s, social housing providers (R.S.L.), local authorities, and the Home Office.
  • We have been mentioned by the Home Secretary, in the Houses of Parliament, for achieving along with another Detective, the highest crime reduction and detection rate in the UK.
  • Delivered, organised and controlled protracted surveillance operations for Housing Authorities and Local Councils, under ASBO legislation.
  • Expert knowledge of tackling ASB issues relating to Drug Crime, Gun/Knife Crime, Race/Hate Crime, Arson, Environmental Crime and Fly Tipping
  • Effective communicator and co-ordinator, having chaired and organised ‘Joint Partnership Organisations’ to bring Communities and Bodies together to tackle criminal and social problems.

Feel Safe, be a part of the team

Become part of a proactive Business Forum where you can access advice and help to secure your business, assets, staff and your own personal life and family. Before you embark on a CCTV system, alarm system or security system, receive from YBRAG a free survey from our own Home Office EKP surveyor, whose drive is not a sales target but your security!  You are then ‘armed’ with invaluable information and impartial facts with what you actually require rather than what ‘they’ sell you!!!

Access staff training to ensure you and your business is safe from all threats to your assets, all driven by you and your like minded business colleagues in YBRAG, for your benefit and peace of mind? Intelligence and information will be shared through our Forums and you can benefit from information available only to our members to make you and all you care for to be made safe and secure. Cyber Crime!! Are you safe? YBRAG with its members and channels open to you can make you safe.

Staffing concerns?  Vetting procedures? Short term employment requirements? Seasonal Workers? Efficacy and confidentiality?

All of these are genuine daily concerns of every business small or large, don’t tackle them alone, YBRAG can and does help, we are just a phone call , text, e-mail or a dedicated ‘WhatsApp’ away. Our dedicated secure website is constantly updated with information you can access or input.  Instead of just one voice getting nowhere and no response, you will have many voices at your side speaking to the right people for you! We can help you secure funds for your security and business requirements and growth through the many funds that are available to you.

Together we can tackle your problems and you can have a positive input into this initiative. See you soon at our next Forum.

Prevention is better than cure

Sir Robert Peel may have established the guiding principle of a preventative approach to policing back in 1829 when in setting up the Metropolitan Police, he said, “it should be understood at the outset that the object to be attained is the prevention of crime. To this great end, every effort of the police is to be directed.”

YBRAG has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of business including retail and over 40 years of experience in combating and preventing crime.

Our vision and how we came about, is to be of assistance and guidance to all businesses in preventing all types of losses and shrinkage by internal collusion or by ‘direct attack’ by nefarious agencies. Do not feel alone and isolated; YBRAG with all its resources, contacts and experience is available to help you establish a successful business and prevent losses and ensure the safety and security of your business, assets, personnel and future growth.

We are working with Local Authorities, Suppliers, Police, Financial Houses and other organisations to help your business and your dream become reality. Instead of being that one voice, become many, have your say and help at anytime is available. YBRAG is driven by your needs, your aspirations and your security needs.

Every business today faces adversity and challenges from all quarters, YBRAG is all about helping you and your business understand these challenges and prevent your business being one of the many that unfortunately fail in these challenging times. Your benefits by being part of YBRAG are limitless please see our benefits page.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”