Welcome to the Yorkshire Business and Retail Action Group

The Yorkshire Business and Retail Action Group is an independent organisation working as a business crime reduction partnership, with the local police, local authorities and other agencies to help businesses reduce the impact and cost of crime against them, their staff and the communities they trade in. YBRAG works with all types of businesses, transport, retailers, commercial and social businesses throughout the day and evening economy, to reduce crime affecting business in our local communities. We aim to do this by working together in partnership with our business members, police and other local statutory agencies and organisations.

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YBRAG is fully aware and compliant to all legislative matters and takes guidance from the Home Office within the H.O.’s publication, direction and new provisions.

For example, a H.O. provision covering shop theft. Shop theft imposes significant costs on communities, businesses and the economy: over 80,000 cases of theft from a shop come before the courts each year. New provisions in Section 176 are intended to ensure such cases are dealt with as swiftly and efficiently as possible as well as building on an ongoing programme of work to reform criminal justice procedures.

Section 176 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act makes theft from a shop, of goods worth £200 or less (retail value), a summary-only offence, while preserving the right of defendants to elect to be tried by judge and jury in the Crown Court. This new provision does not apply to cases involving multiple offences in which the total of the stolen goods adds up to more than £200.

To download our sheet with some of the latest facts and figures and the cost to society from shoplifting please click HERE.

Home Office guidance on dealing with low level shoplifting

To read the Home Office guidance place click HERE to download the pdf.

This guidance, produced by the Home Office, is primarily for the police, but will also be of interest to retailers, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Magistrates, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service and criminal defence lawyers. It sets out how the legislation should be implemented, and what factors should be taken into account when making decisions on how to proceed with individual cases.

We urge all businesses to support us by becoming YBRAG members, joining the scheme and we will help you in obtaining the best security measures for your business. We will train your staff and ensure all is in place in your business for your safety and security. You will be supplied with your YBRAG membership emblem for display and exclusion notices banning known undesirables from your premises.

We can deter and detect offenders by acting together to identify offenders and improving loss prevention techniques, tackling burglaries and theft and making our local communities and your businesses a safer place.